À propos de fericot About Fericot

À propos de fericot About Fericot



In combination,
Eating with,
Food which
make you happier

BRANMA provide you new concept food that concentrated,
adjusted and ferment domestic soybean and vegetable lactobacillus
by our own manufacturing method, named on Fericot.
Fericot has a potential of various of flavours changing
and arranging cooking way.
You will find your original way of Fericot.

Soja et lactobacillus
We made Fericot carefully
and only use Japanese
and vegetable
lactic acid bacteria.

Fericot was produced original manufacturing method which including
the high nutritional value with the taste of Japanese soybeans
and vegetable lactic acid bacteria.
Concentrated soybeans rich in protein with 'vacuum heating evaporation method',
and it has soybeans original sweetness and richness.
Furthermore, it has adjusted and fermented with a special allocation
so that the plant lactic acid bacteria reach the intestine alive.
It also increases the production of nutrients such as soy isoflavone and GABA.
"Fericot" made from only vegetable ingredients and especially for the person
who is a health-oriented, as well as a vegetarian and vegan.

Soja et lactobacillus
New flavour for you.
Adding on your

Fericot has no roles how to cook.
You may enjoy seasonal topping and various flavors.
Take your own way such as not only mixing or garnishing.
You will complete your only taste each time.
Hope you enjoy Fericot as sweets and savoury
at your tea break or even at the party with your created flavour.

Comment manger Comment manger

Gestion de la qualité | Quality Control

Choosing right and
fresh ingredients each season.

"Fericot" uses only Japanese soybeans selected carefully.
We selected soybeans the "Fukuyutaka" in Kyushu
which recognised the high quality as stable condition.
And all the flavor to prepare is derived from vegetables
such as high protein, low calorie and good nutritional balanced,
this is reason why even children to be safe to eat.
Choosing an ingredient that produces special taste
and security is an important matter of "Fericot".

It does not change at any time,
We keep good taste.

We check "Fericot" quality every day by converting quality
into data using substance measuring equipment.
Concentration, adjustment and fermentation according to
the climate and humidity of the day,
With efforts not relying only on sensation,
we keep our delicacy of "Fericot" forever.
Because we want the taste and texture to always enjoy the same way.

In combination,
Eating with,
flavour only for you.




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