hometype 380g privatetype 90g
hometype 380g privatetype 90g

Two sizes to choose,
Enjoy the way of eating and variation.

A home type size can be plenty
for whole family to taste and used for everyday cuisine.
A private type size is a right size
for your snack time and souvenir for your friends.
"Fericot" available two sizes for tasty everyday wider.


Various flavors are also
one of the bright morment.

Enjoy deliciously “Fericot” which has a lot of flavor.
From a regular flavors made with carefully chosen
ingredients to seasonal flavors are also coming.
Taste of your favorite flavour or limited flavour,
well, you may enjoy taste of today.

# 001 blueberries

Set a fresh blueberry sauce.

# 002 Mango

Sweet and sour mango sauce
with cut mango fruits.

# 003 Granola | Maple

Maple syrup with sweet deepness and
granola that can enjoy the texture.

# 004 Kinako(soybeans powder) | Maple

Mix Western style flavors
of maple syrup and
Japanese traditional
flavors of soybeans powder.

# 005 Walnut | Black honey

A fragrant walnut plus black honey
made rich flavor.

# 006 Matcha (green tea)

Mild bitter Matcha sauce.

# 007 Soy milk chocolate | espresso

Combination of bitterness adult
flavor espresso
and soymilk chocolate.

# 008 Tomato sauce | white balsamic vinegar

White balsamic vinegar and
a sweet tomato juice set.

# 009 Coming soon

Flavors made with seasonal
ingredients will come soon.



Dammy Various flavors are also
one of the bright morment.

Instead of using wheat flour, we used high quality of
confectionery rice flour and soy milk that concentrated
Japanese soybean, as the result, it baked moistly.
In addition to cranberry, rum and raisin and chocolate, Japanese
traditional taste such as Azuki (red soybeans) with Macha,
or sake lees flavour will be released sequentially.
You can enjoy it at room temperature as it is, of course, you can
enjoy the freshly baked taste by warming it with an oven toaster.

You will see a new food that is still born and always have a nice surprise.
Our research to create new food is not over yet.
From the familiar one to the one you want to eat, a special dish made from soybeans will be born from now on.
Please, look forward to it. Surely, it has a nice surprise.

With everyday living, how to eat
like you and how to enjoy it.




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